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Its my life!!!
the winds of the heavens shift suddenly; so does human fate.
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28th-Apr-2013 09:11 pm - purple



18th-Apr-2013 11:47 am - Serenity

10th-Apr-2013 07:04 am - sun

2nd-Apr-2013 07:25 pm - Bamboo

1st-Apr-2013 05:16 pm - lake

6th-Jan-2011 10:57 am - FRIM Reserve Forest

We took the kids to this forest, spend like 6 hours in there. It's a BEAUTIFUL place.. we were "LOST" in it's beauty.  LOST! Many weeks passed.. and I still am thinking and remembering the beautiful forest.

A small lotus pond

The Trees are soooooooooooo TALL!!! My neck hurts just trying to photograph the canopy.

A beautiful pergola by the pond

Have you ever seen bamboo in this EPIC proportion? It's HUGE!


15th-Dec-2010 11:08 am(no subject)

I went back to the paradise island, well.. I cant help it, it's just too beautiful.
We were there for almost a week,and I was away from my beloved internet for more than two weeks *weeps* But I'm back now!

Sunset on the first day

I found this tiny little white "Ixora" like flowers.. never seen anything like this.

The great Machinchang Mountain

The cable car that'll take you to the top of the mountain

The hanging bridge fron a distant

Take the hanging bridge walk

The awesome view from the top of the bridge

Sandbanks that leads to all the islands @ Tanjung Rhu

Beras Basah Island ... so magnificient!

This is our dinner  - Crab noodle

This is lunch - Rolled noodle

The Pregnant Maiden Island

Can you see the shape of a pregnant lady ? .. Thus the name of the legendary island

The journey to the lake

Pregnant Maiden Lake

Sunset on the last evening.. must I leave this place?

24th-Oct-2010 02:50 pm - Just.. random
DSCN1292.jpg picture by siriuss3

P1010602.jpg picture by siriuss3

DSCN1580.jpg picture by siriuss3

P1030304.jpg picture by siriuss3


P1010757.jpg picture by siriuss3



17th-Oct-2010 10:19 am - Chocolate
Here's my Chocolate. She's not an "easy target" is all I can say. Shooting her made me run around the house, waiting, squatting, reclining, sneaking..sweating! she moves away as soon as she realise I was about to shoot her. Darn!  So this is all I could get, as she moves around and avoid the camera... The only thing that kept me going is that she's a cutie pie.. and those big blue eyes...  and that pink wet nose too... 


P1010950.jpg picture by siriuss3

P1010950.jpg picture by siriuss3

P1010976.jpg picture by siriuss3

P1010984.jpg picture by siriuss3

P1010950.jpg picture by siriuss3

P1010993.jpg picture by siriuss3

P1010950.jpg picture by siriuss3

P1010950.jpg picture by siriuss3

8th-Oct-2010 11:45 pm - Beautiful Taiping
This is a small town in Malaysia, where time stood still.. I reached Taiping last weekend, never been there, so I did not expect anything this spectacular, therefore I was in awe at an instance!

P1010787.jpg picture by siriuss3

oh, scenery!!Collapse )
Thank god, THE "camera wielding woman" in me is  prepared, as always XD.

8th-Oct-2010 10:50 pm - Captain Jack's back in school

OMG!! I envy these people!!

Here's the story :-) ...

There were screams of delight at the Meridian Primary School in Greenwich as Johnny Depp arrived in his full pirate costume – and in character as Captain Jack Sparrow - to pay a surprise visit.

The actor dropped in after nine-year-old pupil Beatrice Delap wrote him a letter asking for help to stage a mutiny. He is currently in South-East London filming the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean film and was completing scenes at the 18th century Old Naval College, close to the school.

Beatrice wrote: "Captain Jack Sparrow, At Meridian Primary School, we are a bunch of budding young pirates."Normally we are a right handful but we were having a bit of trouble mutiny-ing against the teachers, and we'd love if you could come and help.

"Beatrice Delap, aged nine, a budding pirate. PS. we have a plentiful supply of rum."During an interview with London Tonight, Beatrice told how Johnny had asked her to make herself known when he arrived, then gave her a hug.

"He said, 'Maybe we shouldn't mutiny today because there are police outside monitoring me'," the youngster recounted.

p.s: This is why people just LOVE him!

27th-Sep-2010 02:15 pm - Bagan Lalang

P1010034.jpg picture by siriuss3
24th-Sep-2010 11:19 am - Mount Kinabalu - CONQUERED! well..

Yay!! I've made it!! I am back with pics... and I have earned every right to boast!!
heheh hehhe Kidding!

Caution : IMAGE HEAVY!!!

Day 1 
Leaving Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We reached the Kinabalu Park base camp at 8am that night.. Long tiring journey

Day 2
Yup!! That's the majestic Mount Kinabalu. I was speechless when I first saw it the next morning.. in REAL LIFE. I have always seen it in pic and blogs only.

Our accomodation at the Kinabalu Park base camp. seriously, it's nice and cosy.. I wish I could stay a few more nights   =D

Mount Kinabalu Trail 

That's Timpohon Gate, out starting point. You can see the mountain in  the distance (the pic above this one) We started all excited and singing LOUD here.. by the time we get back here the next day.. everybody is whining and sighing.. aching everywhere, back, thigh, ankle.. you name it.. you got it.

Yup!! that's out trail.. It's rocky, dusty and extremely harsh. Imagine... walking and climbing through THAT for 6km. That's almost 6-7 hours, because the gravity is against us.

You have to walk in the mist after the first 2000m.

The trees here distort, curls and twist due to the extreme weather. I thought they looked beautiful that way. Maybe I should draw some.


God!! I was so in love with the beautiful wild  flowers up there. The thing is, these kinda vegetation won't grow elsewhere  ;-(

Breathtaking sunset as we reached 3227m

This is Laban Rata 3273m, our bacpacker's camp for that night. The climb will start the next morning at 2am. we'll be there- peak by sunrise.

Day 3
The climb started in the dark, freezing hours..    It's just us, some ropes and most definitely all the hard granite rock. If you roll down from here, you'll have to choose to go to either heaven or hell.. that's what out guide told us. I wasn't sure to laugh or not, or just pretend I didnt hear that... The guy looked serious all the time.


This place is called Donkeys Ear's peak, for the two pointy thing up there... I thought it's rather hilarious for a mountain peak to be called that  =D

Awesome view from Low's peak (named after the first man who conquered the mountain back in 1888 ish)

This is our route down, about 1000m from our bacpackers camp at Laban Rata (you can see the light green roof)

Personally .. I thought this scenery is awesome!!

Tired climbers resting at the camp.

The view of the massive granite wall from Laban Rata. Majestic!
We started descending at 10am and reached the Timpohon gate at 4pm. We were taken straight to Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah the same night. Rested and fed.

Taken around the city, the souvenir shops and to the markets. I bought some T'shirts and keychains for my kids. These are seashells at the wet market. (above) Totally legal business, they are considered as delicacy to the locals.

Fishermens boats at Kota Kinabalu ..

That's the end of my awesomely awesome trip. Will do it again someday when I have the time, money and energy for it.
Thanks for looking  =D

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